xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDear clients of the Nordea Bank AB and persons who intend to become this Bank’s clients!

After having a very sad experience with this bank I consider it my duty to prevent you from the intention to become its client. And I do advise sincerely the existing clients of this criminal Bank to withdraw their money from the Bank’s accounts and to look for other options. Transfer your credits to any other bank in order to save your money.

The criminal actions of the Nordea Bank AB will bring you to bankruptcy as my experience shows. My website tells the whole story.

The Bank is planning a legal manoeuvre by a fusion this October and will change its name to an innocent LUMINOR. But nothing will change in the Bank itself, it will become even more crafty and impudent.

I stopped my payments to the Bank on 23.08.2016 since I had already overpaid EUR 240 000 according to the Bank’s invoices for previous nine years. I had got a loan for 18 years. Thus, I borrowed EUR 210 000 and had already repaid EUR 450 000.

When after one year, on 23.08.2017, I wanted to have my loan statement, I was surprised to learn that there was no any statement. The rate is the following: if you get your statement at the bank counter, you should pay EUR 2, it is for free online. So, I have been a client of the Bank for eight years, and there is no loan statement, the Bank has forgot about it. They made me to write an application and to pay EUR 40 per statement, so EUR 80 for me. Nicely done, now I have to pay for the Bank’s slackness. Finally, the Bank employee was so kind to lower the price to EUR 40. And I had to wait for a telephone call from the Bank to get my loan statement. I submitted the application on 23.08.2017 and got my loan statement in 9 days only, on 01.09.2017.

I just would like to attract your attention to the Bank’s working style – they treat the clients as they please. For a loan statement, which had to be delivered to the client at the bank counter, the Bank asks twenty times as much!!! That’s their attitude towards the clients.


So, I have got Statement No. IZ/6383/2017 which said clearly that I owed to the Bank a mysterious principal sum of EUR 104 294, or a half from the borrowed sum of EUR 210 000 (principal amount). According to the Bank’s calculations, it turns out that instead of a half of the sum, i.e. EUR 105 000, I had paid EUR 450 000, equal to 350% interest. That was the sum I had paid until 23.08.2016. So, they want as much as that, or 350% once more. Thus, the total interest and the profit of the Bank shall amount to almost 700%! Please tell me which bank else has such a good life?

One thing is clear – the Nordea Bank AB is sinking and hopes to cover up its tracks by changing the name. But the Bank will not succeed, since the crimes will follow it.

I beg you to escape while it is still possible. And it is too early for the Bank to celebrate, I will win it anyway. The Bank hopes, since all the top leaders of the country owe them, it can rob simple Latvian population.

If the Bank can accuse me of discrediting it, it may feel free to apply to court, I have the right to defense myself. It will become the best publicity both in Europe and in the whole world.

Please share this to all victims of the banks, they are invited to write me: Šī e-pasta adrese ir aizsargāta no mēstuļu robotiem. Pārlūkprogrammai ir jābūt ieslēgtam JavaScript atbalstam, lai varētu to apskatīt.

Let’s unite for the fight!






Editors and Dear Members of the European Parliament,

producers of Poland mass media–

Editors and producers of Sweden mass media,

Management of PKO Bank and other banks in Poland,

European law enforcement institutions,

European bank supervision institutions,

Intuitions protecting human rights,

Citizens of the European Union!



I ask for your help in my fight against the criminal activities of Nordea Bank AB (Stockholm) in Latvia. In 2007 I borrowed from Nordea Bank AB EUR 210,000 for the period of 18 years. After 9 years (a half of the term) I had paid already EUR 450,000 according to the invoices of the Bank, thus, having overpaid EUR 240,000. When I stopped paying, I had got a warning from the bank that I had to settle the whole loan amount within one month (?), otherwise the Bank would lodge a claim against me. For more detailed information please see my website www.anakonda.lv. Since I have stopped payments on 23.08.2016 this criminal entity called “Bank” continues to calculate unilaterally, quietly interests and default penalties by putting me into debt, a debt of at least EUR 1. Then they hope to sell / cede my debt to other company. So, the Bank will manage to rob me successfully, staying itself clean and innocent. This is the scheme of robbing customers by Nordea Bank AB. The Bank is not initiating a legal action against me, since this is the Bank who owes me. I have sent letters to the Chairman and the investors of the Bank in Sweden, banks supervision institution in Latvia, everything in vain… T Nordea Bank AB has got a bad reputation in Latvia, even if you take my case. That is why Nordea Bank AB is planning to hide behind the new name LUMINOR and will try to merge with the largest BANK IN POLAND PKO. I hope, PKO will be clever enough not to admit this grouping and will bring it first to settle its own debts towards existing customers. My losses exceed EUR 200,000 due to the aggressive actions of Nordea Bank AB. If this bank still manages to temporize and to get into the PKO family, then I will have to accuse the honourable Polish bank for hiding criminals. Nordea Bank AB will try to merge with PKO this October already. Thus, I ask every person who is able to help – please, stop this criminal gang which does not deserve to bear the name of bank.




               I  have  prepared  my  application   for  Guinness  book  of  World  Records  regarding  Nordea  AB  banks  calculated  penal  interest  interest  on  a  loan.  They  have  done  this  unilaterally  and  in  quiet  from  23.08.2016.g,  till  23.08.2017.g.  .Upon  receiving  bank  statement  from  23.08.2017.g. , data  will  be  sent  to  Guinness  and  everyone  will  see  how  elegantly  this  bank  destroys  it  clients . 


                                                               PRESIDENT  of  Nordea  AB    bank 

04.07.2017 g.

                                                            Dear Mr. von Koskull


In reply to my letter dated of 07.03.2017 and addressed to you I have received the answer from the Head of the Latvian branch, who was exactly the person I complained about. Probably, it is a common practice in Sweden, I don’t know. But I am sure that it is not a common practice among the aristocracy.

Your company as a foreign bank is acting in Latvia like in your dependency by putting into debt the population of Latvia after a developed plan and by taking away their properties, making them to pay lifelong interests.

Your boldness becomes clear upon checking Google. As tax declarations show, the elite, the law-making institutions are in debt, in other words they owe you. It means that they will defend banks in our controversy.

I am asking to stop illegal actions of Nordea AB bank towards me. Since 23.08.2016 its branch is calculating surcharges, penalties etc. unilaterally in order not to repay me the overpaid means and trying to put me in debt (I am not in debt yet) with the aim to transfer further possible debts. Then they will file a lawsuit against me, and the bank will remain clear and honourable, as the future LUMINOR is expected to be. But I am afraid this is not going to work this time.

Basing on my experience with your bank since 2007, I am doing everything to save myself from your devastating attack. I am informing regularly the deputies of the European Parliament, the press in Latvia and worldwide, I am addressing European banks asking them to open branches in Latvia in order to have choice. I submit requests to the General Prosecutor’s Office, lawmaking institutions. But my main concern is the population of Latvia: I address them e-mails, letters in order they start to be aware of the origin of their misfortunes.

P.S. To find out more about me please visit  xxxxxxxx, and to find out more about the Bank’s illegal actions please visit special website www.anakonda   ,   e-pasts    Šī e-pasta adrese ir aizsargāta no mēstuļu robotiem. Pārlūkprogrammai ir jābūt ieslēgtam JavaScript atbalstam, lai varētu to apskatīt. 


          There will be a support from Russia as well, because there are Nordea branches in Moscow and St.Petersburg. Taking into consideration our experience, they will be cautious and control how banks operate.

Letters have been sent out to European banks and media outlets. Newspapers acknowledged my story in exchange for future updates on how my struggle progresess and what will be the result. There will be additional legal battles.

New promotion is being made for LUMINOR (merger of DnB and Nordea in Latvia). Nothing new - just new name.






 Dear victims of illegal activities of foreign banks, especially of Nordea Bank AB Stockholm!

 This article comprises my credit history since 2007, but as from 23.08.2016 I have been robbed unilaterally by the bank for 11 months already.

 Thanks to our leaflets which are distributed in the entire territory of Latvia, affected persons join us. A new political force is in the course of creation, and it will be able to stand up for itself against the illegal activities of the banks.

 The situation in Latvia is ready for profound changes – there are corrupted officials, dummies in the government, parliament, legal system.

 The victims hate Scandinavian robbers, and the victims cannot be purchased, so there is hope.

 NO OTHER BANK dares to calculate quietly illegal interests, penalties, artificially created default penalties for almost 12 months. Nordea Bank is demonstrating its working style by destroying their customers, TRYING TO PUT CUSTOMERS INTO DEBTS in order to sell / cede further the debt by staying itself pure and saint.

 The bank sent me a warning letter asking to settle the debt (nonexisting debt) until 10.10.2016. Otherwise the bank promised to initiate a legal action against me, but did not, since in reality this is the bank who owes me. My letter dated of 07.03.2017 to the investors and the Chairman of the Nordea Bank AB (Stockholm) Mr. von Koskull about the criminal activities of the Latvian branch stayed unreplied (sent by registered mail). I have got reply from the Head of the Latvian branch itself, the same about which I complained. It means Swedes act here like in their dependency, everything and everybody is bought by them.

 The investors of the Bank Rodney Alfven, Andreas Larsson, Pavel Wyszynski, Michel Karimunda, Carolina Brikho, Yiya Andersson, Emma Nilsson have not replied at all to my three letters since 07.03.2017, the letters were signed by electronic signature.

 By simply checking GOOGLE, it becomes clear that our country’s elite owes the banks – the revenue declarations from 2016 and earlier show their important loans, I suppose, cheap loans. Those persons will certainly defend the interests of the banks and will let them keep robbing the people.

 On 04.07.2017 I sent the next letter to the Chairman of Nordea Bank AB asking him to stop illegal, unilateral calculations by the bank towards me.

 I was contacted then by the representatives of the bank who offered me very advantageous cooperation conditions. I owned land near a small resort town not far from Riga. I had bought this land (20 ha) for LVL 9,000.

 The fact that at the moment of taking loan of EUR 210,000 I was 64 years old and retired person since 2 years, did not make suspicious the truthful Bank. My pension was EUR 97.79 (I have an appropriate reference), there was no other regular income. This financial company, a bank employing numerous staff of economists, risk analysts, and lawyers, had duly confirmed me to be a good borrower able to settle the whole loan and the interests. I was in need of financing for infrastructure development, i.e. construction of Livu Street (1 km) in my property.

 In a year and a half, the whole sum had been already invested into development. I did not have any other income except for my retirement allowance, of course, delays, penalties etc. appeared. The purpose of the Bank was to repossess my properties. It became a ground to enforce contract amendments and to impose a higher interest: in my case, it reached 115%. The fact that I had no other income was known to the Bank even before the loan was issued, so it was the plan to destroy me and to seize my properties. I was an easy meat to the Bank as a natural person, a pensioner.

 Thus, the scheme is that the Bank offers to the customer to amend the loan agreement, increases considerably the interest rate, adds some default penalties and if the customer declines, it is made clear to the customer that he or she must repay the entire loan amount plus the interest without any other options admitted. When you are taken to court, it is all very simple there – you signed it, you shall pay. There are no witnesses of this villainy.

 However, there are witnesses, and there is plenty of them. They are inhabitants of Latvia whose properties have been repossessed, or the cause is treated at court, or is being prepared.

 There are about 50 – 60 thousand people. Statistical data show that these people do black work in Scandinavia, in England to repay the loans (which have turned to debts already), the bank has deliberately made them run into debts.

 I have launched a campaign to find out the exact number of victims whose properties have been repossessed this way, including value of the property, loan amount, interest rates, and other factors. All these victims are witnesses of how they have been forced to sign the amendments of the agreement, just like me.

 This is a well elaborated plan by which the banks force customers to sign their own death sentence, it is like a suicide. And this is only a question of time when the property will be repossessed.

 According to the three loan agreements the Bank lent me EUR 210,500 in average for 18 years. I made payments for 9 years, a half of the term, and by 23.08.2016 I had paid EUR 450,300, so the surplus payment amounted to EUR 239,800. I was too naïve to believe in the Bank’s honesty.



 - The loan has been taken for development of a construction project, to construct Livu Street at a length of 1 km.

 - Credit agreement No.2007/2296/HK  dd 25.05 2007. – LVL 90,000 = ca. EUR 130,000 for a term of 15 years, until 25.06.2022. By 23.08.2016, I have repaid EUR 244,235. Nordea bank statement dated of 23.08.2016. Thanks to five amendments of the crediting agreement, under which the interest rate was raised dramatically each time, such an amount was generated.

 - crediting agreement No.2007/5483/HK  dd 14.12.2007 – EUR 43,500 for a term of 20 years, until  26.12.2027.  By 23.08.2016, I have repaid EUR 124,385 /the bank statement/; thanks to two amendments of the crediting agreement, the interest rate was put up.

 - crediting agreement No.2008/268/HK  dd  05.02.2008 – EUR 37,000, until 26.02.2028, repaid – EUR 33,684, banlk statement dd 23.08.2016, thanks to two amendments of the crediting agreement, the interest rate was put up.

 - An official application letter dated of 22.12.2016 on alienation of the mortgaged properties and repossession by the Bank, i.e. 8 building plots * EUR 6,000 = EUR 48,000, since the bank still could not get enough.

 - For two pledged properties, the Bank demanded to pay for the period since 29.12.2012 3 EUR a day, i.e., 2 properties * EUR 3 = EUR 6 a day; to process this interesting amendment of the agreement, the committee charged LVL 60 /ca.  80 EUR / *2 = EUR 160 for their work  /the bank statement /. By 23.08.2016 the total amount paid by me over 9 years was EUR 450,304 less EUR 210,500 = surplus payment  < EUR 239,804 >.

 - The bank still could not get enough, the bank deceived Viktors X (a borrower), squeezing nearly EUR 12,000 out of him. He was persuaded that he as a borrower would lose all his properties if he did not pay this amount. His loan was settled by 28.08.2016 already.

 Now I have a pension of EUR 201, and my wife’s pension is EUR 319, and she has the 3rd group of disability (hospital statements). These nine years broke down both of us, my wife is hospitalized frequently (nervous break-down), I underwent heart surgery, and had to be hospitalized for several times (I have hospital statements).

 It is not all yet, there are still about 9 years to pay, the bank plans to gain more since I am not able to pay, penalties and default interest will grow. The bank is aware that I have repaid only half of the principal amount by 23.08.2016, there is EUR 114,358 of the principal amount to be paid, according to the bank’s opinion. I received warnings on 09.09.2016 that I had to pay the entire amount until 10.10.2016. The next warning was served on 10.02.1017, saying that I had to repay the entire credit until 14.03.2017.

 Consequently, I took the bank’s statement dated of 23.08.2016 and stopped to pay because I had nothing to pay in view of the surplus payment of EUR 239,800. I guess the Bank has problems with me. I would have settled when I am at the age of 85, my wife - 84. The Bank hopes that I will pay the same amount in the next 9 years, in fact it would be even a bigger amount, thanks to growing penalties and default interests. The gained profit would be at least 500%. Perfect job – lend EUR 210,500 and get over a million in 18 years. The Bank does not take me to the court deliberately since July 23rd, 2016; they have been growing penalties, default interest for 12 months already, and it is all legally (according to the bank’s composed rules).

 Thus, the Bank continues to rob me by demonstrating its policy and workstyle. THE BANK OWES ME, THAT IS WHY IT IS NOT ABLE TO START LEGAL PROCEEDINGS AGAINST ME.

 My wife and I have severe health problems which require a long-term treatment. Over these nine years, we suffered from important material and non-material damage, our business is ruined; we lost all properties we had.

The bank’s criminal activities against us are the proof of illegal activity of Nordea bank in Latvia. With my case as an example the Latvia branch has made a super promotion of Nordea bank in general. The claim to court will be aimed at compensation for damage caused deliberately, for refund of the overpaid amount of EUR 239,800, squeezed criminally; enforce a non-material and physical damage in the amount of EUR 3.7  million (three million seven hundred thousand euro) to be collected from Nordea bank.

 I created a special website www.anakonda.lv and an e-mail  Šī e-pasta adrese ir aizsargāta no mēstuļu robotiem. Pārlūkprogrammai ir jābūt ieslēgtam JavaScript atbalstam, lai varētu to apskatīt.  In the next few days the e-mail address will be changed to Šī e-pasta adrese ir aizsargāta no mēstuļu robotiem. Pārlūkprogrammai ir jābūt ieslēgtam JavaScript atbalstam, lai varētu to apskatīt. according to the Nordea Bank’s profile. We will found groups of volunteers in the largest Latvian cities in order to fight against illegal actions of the Scandinavian banks in Latvia.

 I kindly ask you to support us, since the bigger is the army, the bigger is the hope to win!!! I suppose the Bank would pursue claims for defaming its good reputation, let the Bank do so. I do write about me, my unashamed robbery case. Every fact is true and can be checked both in the Bank and in my documents. We need publicity, there will be new victims, new witnesses. The Bank will surely involve media, for its own benefit, it would seem. But those will be us, victims of the repressive activities of the banks, who will get publicity and benefit.

In order to sell properties seized by Nordea Bank AB, a company named PROMANO was founded. This company makes business at the expense of the robbed Latvian inhabitants (a gangster business). I admit, the lists do not comprise the best properties which had already been distributed among the bank employees, people who are close to the Bank, their relatives, and friends. The list is for the month of March, 2017, plus those 20% properties purchased by the insiders in order to resell further. You may imagine yourself the huge amount of properties seized and resold for the activity period of the Swedish banks in Latvia. 

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